Willow Creek (2013)


We already know damn well right where we’re headed in the found footage flick “Willow Creek” just as soon as the premise is presented.

Joe Swanberg and Kristina Klebe are a considerable comfort to behold as a curious couple wandering the wilderness in search of “Bigfoot”. And they sure as shootin’ had oughta be hot, as Bobcat Goldthwaite (yes, that guy), in a daft directorial decision evidently intended to create suspense, at one point in his film trains the camera on the pretty pair for positively one of the most interminable, and uneventful, stretches in cinematic history.

That the entirely predictable payoff is nothing at all noteworthy comes as no shock, as what we have endured leading up to the flaccid finale has fallen feebly short of being even mildly remarkable.

If ever the sensation seizes to scope out this “Sasquatch” saga snore-fest…squash it.

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