Kristy (2013)


The played to death “young woman alone being stalked by crazed killers” gets a little different, and a lot weird, twist on things in “Kristy”.  For reasons never fully funneled into focus, the whack-jobs bent on butchering our beauty, in addition to despising those they pronounce privileged, seem to be anti-Christian satanic cultsters, as well.  However, this is mostly conjecture, as the script never conclusively confirms such, and there is no basis to believe that the object of their psychotic scorn (Haley Bennett) is particularly God-fearing, either.

Nevertheless, by film’s finale, this gargantuanly gallant gal, having agonized through a brutal baptism by fire, has, in a very visceral sense, been born again to launch into a fiercely forged crusade.  And, man, will there ever be hell to pay.

Picture something along the lines of “do unto others”…only eliminate the benevolence.

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