talhotblond (2012)

Talhotblond (2012)

“talhotblond” is a passable made for television docudrama account of a tragic and bizarre 2005 case of fabricated internet identities and murderous jealousy.

Courteney Cox does an adequate job of directing the mostly uninspired(ing) cast (the former “Friends” star also co-produced and appears in her film, which Cox reportedly shot over just 16 days), with Garret Dillahunt (Fox TV’s “Raising Hope”) emerging as the most commendable of the bunch.  Dillahunt is suitably creepy as a mild-mannered middle-aged Midwest husband and father who comes completely unhinged with obsession over an online persona he knows only as “talhotblond”, whom he believes to be a teenage girl.

Really, can anything good possibly come of this?

Yeah, it could have been better.  But if you’ve seen any measure of flicks fully fashioned for the tube, then you have almost undoubtedly seen way worse.

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