Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt this is one Captivating Convo…man, is it EVER edifies “The Quick Flick Critic”!

“Shadow Man” (2021): Reaching for a Ray of Light through the Darkness

Filmmaker Roberta Pytel

Michael Keaton strikes Gold in them thar Arches advocates “The Quick Flick Critic”!

“The Founder”: From Busted to Billions of Burgers Bought

And I’ll cut your damn HEART out, too, if I have to

Jesse Eisenberg & Jason Segel do Happenin’ Rappin’ roars “The Quick Flick Critic”!

“The End of the Tour” (2015): Writing. It ain’t for The Faint o’ Heart, buddy.

Jesse & Jason Jawin’

Rollin’ on with The Retro & One Helluva Role for Helen hollers “The Quick Flick Critic”!

“The Sessions” (2012): Unflinching Look at Unconventional Love

Helen’s Performance is also Lovely

From the mouths, and through the eyes, of babes come miracles muses “The Quick Flick Critic”!

“Fatima” (2020): And a Child Led Them

These kids say they saw it